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Past Project - SF Convention Center Site Improvements

Sayre Associates provided civil engineering, construction administration and construction staking services for the Sioux Falls Convention Center site improvements. The site design included the efficient layout of approximately 3,400 parking spaces around an existing arena, football stadium and baseball stadium. A major collector street, Western Avenue, was realigned to provide space for the new convention center.

Challenging features of the project included the design of a storm sewer collection system with extremely flat surface grades and the installation of utilities and storm sewer through areas of underlying quartzite rock.

Design work started in November 1993, platted in October 1994, and constructed in phases from 1995-1997. The total cost of the construction for the streets and site improvements was approximately $5.2 million.

Interestingly enough, you will see in the pictures below that the parking lots and improvements were completed before the streets!

Parking Lot Improvements
parking lots finished


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