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3 Questions with Surveyor Jim

Have questions about land surveying? I asked three questions to Professional Land Surveyor Jim Cordell to learn more about what he does every day. He has more than 35 years of surveying experience and has helped hundreds of people navigate their surveying projects.

Picture of Land Surveyor Jim Cordell
Surveyor Jim gets interviewed in his office

What do you do as a surveyor?

We take care of the legal aspect of surveys, courthouse research, easements, and plats, and then take those out in the field and see how they affect the land we are surveying. We create a drawing depicting all plats, easements, field information, etc.

What do you wish people would know about surveying?

What I wish people would know is that it costs less to hire a land surveyor now than having a problem and having to go and fix the problem and also hire a surveyor. If they would have hired one in the first place, it could have alleviated problems. For example, when building a fence, do you know where your lot line is?

If someone needs a survey, what should they do first?

First figure out what type of survey you need and who's asking for it - bank, realtor, or for yourself? Call me with your address and legal description. If you don't know your legal description or what type of survey you need, we can help. And plan ahead!

Sayre Associates is a local firm that has provided land surveying in the area for over five decades. We work one-on-one with our clients to assist with their surveying and development projects, and are able to assist throughout the entire process. Call us at (605) 332-7211 to get started with your next project.


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