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Lake Lorraine

Our Support Staff


Barry Bradshaw

Civil Engineering Technician

Joined Sayre Team: February 2014

Barry acknowledges the reason he decided to pursue drafting for civil engineering: "I love the variety of projects". He enjoys working on many different types of projects, both small and large, for public and private clients. No two days are the same. He has a strong background in Microstation and is proficient in Civil 3D software. Barry is experienced and flexible, and is well-liked in the office for his sense of humor and for frequently bringing treats. In his free time, he enjoys building and fixing things around the house, cheering for the Steelers, and spending time with his three dogs - Banjo, Buckshot, and Bullet.


Derek Sachtjen

Survey Technician

Joined Sayre Team: February 2014

Derek enjoys being active and outdoors so his job as a survey technician is a good fit for him. He prefers to work outside and not be stuck in an office all day. He provides technical support assistance for the engineers and assistance on multiple survey crews. His responsibilities include topographic surveying, construction staking, mortgage surveys, and ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys. Derek is dependable and hardworking, and has extensive knowledge of the survey equipment. When not working, he enjoys camping, boating out on the Missouri River, riding bike, and hanging out with friends and family.


Gabe Adams

Civil Engineering Technician

Joined Sayre Team: April 2011

Gabe brings a unique perspective to his projects based on his multiple degrees and many years of experience. In addition to a civil engineering technology degree, he also holds advanced degrees in marketing management and project management. This additional coursework taught him to be conscientious of scheduling and the visual design. He strives to complete every project on time, while being mindful of the overall presentation. Outside of work, he stays busy with his four young children and wife, and enjoys playing video games and working out when he has time.


Perry George

Survey Technician

Joined Sayre Team: April 1992

Perry is the best field designer, as decided in a vote among ourselves. He has the ability to fine-tune and make adjustments in the field to unforeseen circumstances. Perry is responsible for topographic surveying and construction staking for numerous projects in the region. His attention to detail provides additional quality control and assures an excellent finished product for any construction project. In his free time, Perry enjoys gardening, working in the yard, baking, and traveling.


Troy Gillespie

Landscape Designer / Wetland Delineator

Joined Sayre Team: November 2014

Conservation and design are the common themes in the variety of jobs Troy has had over the years. With degrees in Biology and Landscape Architecture, he previously worked as a show trainer for snakes, alligators and birds; worked as a finch breeder and a zookeeper; designed water features; and created, built and maintained residential landscapes. Troy desires to have a positive impact on the environment through conservation efforts. At Sayre Associates, he provides planting plans, site development rendering, SketchUp models, and photo-edits. Troy is also a certified wetland delineator that assists in wetland permitting. In his free time, he enjoys working on home improvements, watching the Huskers and Yotes teams, and chasing his kids from activity to activity.


Carrie Jaeger

Marketing / Administration

Joined Sayre Team: January 2006

Carrie grew up telling her mother stories and insisting she write them down, starting at age 3. Her love of language, the written word, and stories has continued throughout her life. She loves to hear and tell stories today, listening to clients and coworkers and assisting them as needed. She also enjoys telling the story of Sayre Associates through print, advertising, proposals, and website, or at conferences as exhibitors. Communication is such a top priority for her that she earned a degree in Mass Communications. In her free time, she enjoys writing (big surprise!), reading, and sewing - all in the comfort of her "Carrie cave".


Eric Christianson

Survey Technician

Joined Sayre Team: May 2020

It all started with math - Eric had a passion for numbers since high school and developed that skill through college. After college, he briefly sold insurance and real estate, which led him to discover the wide world of land surveying. Surveying allows Eric to utilize his love of math, technology, and problem solving, all while enjoying outdoor work. He has provided construction inspection on a variety of city and regional projects and surveying assistance, in pursuit of a Professional Land Surveyor designation in the years to come. Outside of work, he enjoys catching a baseball game, golfing, and staying active.


Kevin Reinesch

AutoCAD Manager and Technician

Joined Sayre Team: November 2005

Kevin is an early bird. He starts his day at 4:00am most days (voluntarily!) and is known to be working when the rest of the world is still sleeping. He can be counted on to get projects done in a timely manner and stays "alert" on all his job responsibilities as the AutoCAD Department Manager. He has over 20 years of experience preparing engineering plans and assisting with a variety of land development and site development projects. He is proficient and knowledgeable in both AutoCAD Civil 3D and Eagle Point software. In his free time, he enjoys watching online videos of airplanes, doing yardwork, spending time with his family, and coordinating the office treats for Fridays.


Tammy Bauman


Joined Sayre Team: February 2020

Tammy loves to craft and bake, and is always sharing her creations with others. She enthusiastically supports national food holidays by supplying or baking items for the office to enjoy. She is known for her generosity and cheerful nature. Her attention to detail and concern for others is also displayed in her job as the bookkeeper. Her responsibilities include accounts payable and accounts receivable, payroll and human resources. In her free time, Tammy also enjoys shopping and spending time with her family.

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