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3 Questions with Doug Hoy

Did you know that Sayre Associates offers vibration monitoring services? We are the only firm based in South Dakota that offers this valuable service for construction or blasting activities.

Want to learn more? I asked three questions about vibration monitoring to Doug Hoy, who has almost four decades of experience “in the field” with blasting and vibration monitoring.

Q: Why do you perform vibration monitoring? A: It provides a method to measure the actual vibration in the ground being produced by construction or blasting activity.

Q: What methods are used to monitor vibration? A: We use seismographs that are strategically placed to record the actual ground-induced vibrations to obtain accurate vibration levels at the structure being monitored.

Q: What do you wish people would know about vibration monitoring? A: Vibration monitoring serves to not only protect property owners but also the contractor. By monitoring, we are able to record the vibrations to determine if they are excessive to the point of possibly causing damage to properties and bring it to the attention of the contractor so changes to their process can be made. It can also serve to protect the contractor against false accusations, particularly when done in conjunction with a pre-blast survey which documents items such as existing cracks in foundations and walls.

Please contact Doug Hoy at Sayre Associates at (605) 332-7211 if you want to discuss any specific project requirements or concerns.


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