New Vibration Equipment

It's a new year and we have new equipment! Sayre Associates now has remote vibration monitoring enclosures that measure vibration from construction activities. These units can be placed at nearby businesses, houses or areas of concern to continually monitor vibration activity. They are solar-powered and will send vibration readings within minutes to your cell phone, email or text. If you are interested in this or other vibration monitoring services, please contact Doug Hoy. Doug has been "in the field" for over 29 years and is well-qualified to address technical and community concerns that construction projects present. Call him today at (605) 332-7211 if you have questions on your next project!

Boxes OUtside.jpg  LEFT: Outside application of remote seismograph enclosures. Photo credit: Matheson Mining  

Vibration Box 1.jpg   LEFT: Remote unit being used inside of a building. 

Vibration Box 2.jpg  LEFT: Equipment inside of enclosure.    



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