First Annual Sayre Chili Fest
Posted October 18, 2019

The 1st Annual Chili Fest at Sayre took place on Friday, October 18th over the lunch hour. This was a fun event where employees had the chance to show off their best chili recipes, with bragging rights on the line.

All six pots of chili tasted delicious, so it was hard to declare a winner. Each one had a different taste and spices. Two of the six were very spicy. One of them contained two jalapenos, one habanero, and one Carolina Reaper! 

Thanks to Barry, Branson, Cole, Gabe, and Troy for making and bringing chili. And thanks to other Sayre team members for bringing other food items and for bravely trying all the different kinds of chili. It was fun! 

Chili Feed 10-18-19 left SMALL.jpg
Above: four crockpots of chili (two very spicy!)

Chili Feed 10-18-19 right SMALL.jpg
Above: two more crockpots of chili.


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