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- Vibration Monitoring for Explosives & Construction Activities

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Explosives/Construction Vibration Monitoring

Projects that involve construction-related vibration (by construction equipment or explosives) present many challenges for contractors, property owners and residents, business owners, insurance agents and municipalities. It is essential to have an experienced professional involved with your project specific concerns on the project for construction and explosives vibration requirements.

At Sayre Associates, our approach to assisting clients with their vibrations concerns involves understanding the concerns, reviewing contract requirements, having proper instrumentation for recording vibration data, and providing public relations to inform all those involved and affected by the project.

Proper and timely documentation of monitoring activities is critical to minimize any activities that can cause complaints and provide information as to the cause and possible solution to any undesirable disturbances.

Depending on the project and requirements, Sayre Associates can use remote monitors to transmit daily summaries of vibration activity. These solar-powered remote monitors can be placed at nearby businesses, homes or areas of concern to continually monitor vibration activity. They can send any "triggering event" information via text message and/or email within minutes of the event.

If you have any questions regarding vibration concerns with your projects, please contact Doug Hoy at (605) 332-7211 or email, to discuss your project specific concerns or needs.

Geophone Mounted on Concrete Wall Picture

ABOVE: Remote unit being used inside of a building.

Vibration Monitoring Equipment Picture

ABOVE: Vibration monitoring at a project site.  



Concrete Materials/Knife River - Magellan Pipeline Monitoring, South Quarry, Sioux Falls, SD

LG Everist West and East Quarry Monitoring - Dell Rapids, SD

City of Sioux Falls - Mall Avenue Utilities Reconstruction (Construction Vibration)

Dordt College IT Room Vibration Monitoring during renovation - Orange City, IA

City of Sioux Falls - Steel Casing Pipe Ramming under I-229 (420 LF of 40" steel casing pipe)

Henry Carlson Company - Sanford Heart Hospital Pipe Driving, Sioux Falls, SD

Henry Carlson Company - First Premier New Office Building, Sioux Falls, SD

Swingen Construction Company - 6th & Pine Street Bridge Replacement, Yankton, SD

Concrete Materials Company - Xcel Transmission Power Line Pole Relocations, Sioux Falls, SD

HDR Engineering - Basin 13 Phases 1 & 2 Sanitary Sewer Trunkline, Sioux Falls, SD

DGR Engineering - Infrastructure Improvements, Dell Rapids, SD

Century Blasting Services - Residential Pre-Condition Surveys, Rapid City, SD

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