Changes at Sayre Due to COVID-19
Posted April 16, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sayre Associates has implemented some safeguards to further protect ourselves, our families, our coworkers, and our clients. Our office remains open for business, however the front doors are locked during regular business hours. If you need to communicate with Sayre staff, please call, email, text, Skype, etc. to the extent feasible. If a meeting is required, please make an appointment and we will accommodate your business needs. The majority of the Sayre staff is working remotely and are encouraged to follow CDC guidelines. The remaining office staff are practicing social distancing and performing extensive daily cleaning.

We are committed to providing you quality service, while adjusting our practices to protect everyone. Please contact us if we can be of service. Thank you!

Picture of a Sayre surveyor with face mask


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